Fact Sheet: 

I am a freelance photographer based in Jerusalem, Israel. For over a decade I have been working on editorial and commercial assignments for a variety of international publications and clients, specializing in reportage, environmental portraiture, landscape, travel and lifestyle photography.

email: mail@dvphotonet.com

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Selected Clients / Publications: 

·         Cooking Light Magazine

·         Central Banking Journal

·         Spick Magazine, Germany

·         Esquire

·         The Daily Beast

·         Huffington Post

·         The Globe and Mail

·         Berliner Zeitung

·         Der Spiegel

·         Stern

·         Politiken

·         Liberation

·         Le Monde

·         The Washington Post

·         Monocle Magazine

·         Pacific Standard Magazine

·         Institutional Investor Magazine

·         Ernst & Young Exceptional Magazine

·         IBM Systems Magazine

·         airberlin Magazine

·         EL PAÍS Semanal

·         Airbnb

·         Land Rover USA

·         Die Weltwoche Magazine, Switzerland 

·         WirtschaftsWoche Magazine, Germany

·         Fattal Hotels, Israel

·         National Arts Centre, Canada

·         The New York Times

·         The Los Angeles Times

·         The Wall Street Journal

·         Bloomberg Businessweek

·         The Boston Globe

·         Chicago Tribune

·         The Telegraph

·         The Guardian

·         The Independent

·         The Times

·         BBC News

·         CNN

Fun Sheet:

I am very brave, and not at all afraid of monsters. After all, I grew up with one and she goes by the name of 'little sister'. The monster calls my younger brother a 'Crazy-Lunatic', while I am referred to as a 'Tough-Nerd'. I always envied him for his nickname.

I met my wife, Natalie, on assignment at a place called 'The Lab' and the experiment goes on to this day.

The first time I ever wore a suit and a tie was when we got married. However, for the dancing part of our wedding party I switched to a t-shirt with the slogan 'I am here because my wife made me'.

It's probably a good opportunity to inform you that I suffer from a self-diagnosed obsession for witty T-shirt slogans and that I'm probably world's worst dancer.

As avid collectors of modern art, my wife and I proudly support an extraordinary character, 9 year-old Nimrod (our nephew). Most of his art pieces are displayed on our fridge, which is the best place to show all of his signed limited editions paintings.

My niece, Matar, is a big fan of 'Shaun the Sheep' and so are we. Her parents are a bit less enthusiastic though. Understandable if you take into account the amount of re-runs they had to endure. But hey, it could be worse (Dora the Explorer anyone?) - after all, It's Shaun the Sheep!